Tracked ~ a contemporary romantic suspense novel

Secrets. Everyone has them but the decision to keep some affairs concealed can be harmful…

Victoria Padden believes her life, career and all too comfortable relationship with David Lloyd is what she needs, especially after a crazy past. Landscaping business owner, Geoff McKenzie, is haunted by failed relationships. He doubts if there is such a thing as true happiness for him. But when they meet at a bachelor auction and have to work together, sparks fly between them and their beliefs change.

Someone, though, doesn’t want them to be together and threatens Victoria. Having had a stalker before, she knows the authorities won’t help unless she has more concrete evidence or something drastic happens to her. She holds her fear and paranoia in check and hides the danger she’s in from everyone to keep herself and them safe. Yet, not saying anything this time about being tracked might be a fatal mistake.


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Contains elements of the following genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense; 60k+ words

Story had been previously published under Casey’s other pen name and the title ‘Concealed Affairs.’